MANIPULATIONS is a platform for an ongoing investigation of the concept of manipulation.

MANIPULATIONS, as a concept and a set of modes of acting in the world, affirms the existence of complex environments determined at various scales as sites, spaces and artefacts. It cannot be understood outside of the interrogation of specific materialities and the functions, modes of operation and practices that move and shape these environments.

MANIPULATIONS is an attempt to think through the concept of manipulation, to re-read significant sociopolitical practices as forms of manipulation that produce effects and affects in and beyond the environments in which they operate. It puts forth a simple question: What if what one does is always already a form of manipulation of the complex environments that shape spaces, rendering possible certain modes of access, inhabitation and action while excluding others?

MANIPULATIONS calls those interested in gathering and interrogating specific instances or modes of manipulation that can be seen to form the sociopolitical materialities and events of the present. Contributos are encouraged to critically address and explore such instances of manipulation in various scales and forms through, for instance, artefacts such as cigarettes, barbed wire, bicycles, computer chipsets, chairs, etc; sites such as airports, mines, schools, parliaments, prisons, parks, etc.; spaces such as free zones, smart cities, tax havens, neighbourhoods, etc.

MANIPULATIONS welcomes contributions in all media (textual essays, photo essays, video, computer programs, material interventions, etc.). Contributions or questions can be discussed and submitted by e-mail to contact(at)manipulations(dot)info

MANIPULATIONS is based in Sweden and is currently organised by Mahmoud Keshavarz, Eric Snodgrass & Ola Ståhl.

ISSN: 2002-0899